An explanation of puzzles
- Puzzles are triplechain games that are solved by attaining a minimum score. All dice are known, the undo button is available at all times (you can even go back to the previous round), and unlimited retries are available.
- When someone scores higher than the puzzle's target score, not only do they solve the puzzle, but they set a new target score (and receive the trailblazer award). If you have previously solved a puzzle and someone else finds a higher score, you will no longer be counted as having solved the puzzle. You will keep the award points from solving it the first time and can gain more points by solving it at the new target score.
- To create a puzzle, either click on a game that's already been played or wait until the end of a game you just played. Below the game board will be an option to create a game. You can pick the starting round for the puzzle - players will begin the game at that point. Each player may create a limited number of puzzles per week. Higher level players can create more.
- Puzzle creation limits per week are as follows. level 1-6: puzzle creation not allowed. level 7-13: 1 puzzle per week. level 14+: 2 puzzles.