Frequently Asked Questions

The game board is too big for my screen! How do I shrink it?
Try holding the ctrl key and pressing the minus button to make your browser zoom out. That works for most people.

Are the dice completely random?

How is my score calculated?
- If you're just starting, check out the walkthrough for a detailed explanation.
- The score of a chain is number * length * areas^2
- Your bonus is the sum of your active 1s and 2s, plus one
- Your final score is the sum of your best three chains multiplied by your bonus

The game requires too much luck to get a high score! (?)
For a higher ratio of skill/luck try the daily challenge, multiplayer, or advanced mode.

How many award points does it take to go up a level?
Level 2 - 200
Level 3 - 600
Level 4 - 2,000
Level 5 - 5,000
Level 6 - 10,000
Level 7 - 20,000
Level 8 - 40,000
Level 9 - 70,000
Level 10 - 100,000
Level 11 - 150,000
Level 12 - 200,000
Level 13 - 250,000
Level 14 - 350,000
Level 15 - 500,000
Level 16 - 700,000
Level 17 - 1,000,000+

I have an idea for a feature/award/game mode/rule change!
Great! I will take all suggestions under serious consideration. I want TC to be as good as it can be. Email me.

How are the ratings calculated for timed mode and daily challenges?
In every challenge/timed game you play, it's as if you're playing against each other person individually.
For every person you beat, your rating goes up.
The higher your opponent's rating, the more you are rewarded for beating them and the less you are punished for losing to them.
You have to play many games before the system has confidence in your rating. Until then it will be artificially low even if you're doing well.

I had a great game going but my last rack was 22223! Arrrrrrrrgh!
This is the most common complaint. :-) Sorry! You'll get that perfect rack eventually.