Old Tournament Summaries:

Tournament 1 (28 players): Winner - Gaby, Runner-up - Alex, Third - Krohn, Predictions - None
Tournament 2 (27 players): Winner - Zac, Runner-up - Latt, Third - Krohn, Predictions - Fredericksbu
Tournament 3 (26 players): Winner - TH10, Runner-up - Alex, Third - Krohn, Predictions - Alex

Tournament Rules

- Players are seeded by the higher of their challenge mode and timed mode rating as of the end of

- All rounds will be best of 7 timed games until the semifinals, at which point matches will become best of 11.

- Players are responsible for arranging their own matches and notifying me of the results. Both players must confirm
in chat that they are ready to start. Matches must be played within 48 hours of the start of the round.


- If the match hasn't been completed by the 48 hour deadline I will advance the person who made more of an
effort to make the match happen.

- In the event of a bug the players will decide on a fair solution (probably replaying the game if the bug
affected the outcome).

- If you're having trouble scheduling your match, let me know and I'll do my best to get you in touch with your opponent.

- Other players participating in the same timed game will not invalidate the result. Multiple matches can be played at
the same time.

- Everything is based on the honor code, so please play fair. We're all here to have fun.

- TH10 and Alex must play with their eyes closed. :-P

- I have the final say in any dispute. If it involves me then I'll find a neutral third party to make a decision.

Thanks for playing everyone!


Tournament #3
To no one's great surprise, TH10 steamrolled the field, going 20-3 the way to his first title. Alex put up a good fight, but went home with his second runner-up trophy. His finals defeat wasn't a total loss however, since it meant that he won the bracket predictions. Paul was looking like a strong contender to take down TH10, but ran into a great semi-final performance from alex. Krohn was looking to improve on his 3rd place finish in each of the first two tournaments, but dove headlong into the TH10 buzz saw in the semis.

Tournament #2
The second Triplechain tournament was completed in early August, 2011. donk4's early upset of TH10, radisto's withdrawal, and my lucky win over Alex left it anyone's game. After a good battle I ended up beating Latt for the Crown.

Tournament #1
The first TC tournament was held in April of 2011. Gaby beat out a very tough field to become the first TC tournament champion. Pre-tournament favorite Alex put in a good showing but finished second.