This page explains rules of Triplechain by walking you through a sample game.
If at any point you feel overwhelmed, hit the back button and give it a try! You'll learn quickly, I promise.

Dice placed: 0
The start position. We may place our dice in any white square.
Remember, there are five areas: top, bottom, left, right, middle.
We will fill the sides squares of each area first, then the corner squares, and finally the middle squares.

Walkthrough 01

Dice placed: 1
We've placed our first die in the middle area.
The other squares in the middle become unavailable - in any round we may only place one die in each area.

Walkthrough 02

Dice placed: 2
Because the 1 does not touch any other 1s it adds +1 to our bonus.
The number in parentheses indicates the result of the last move.

Walkthrough 03

Dice placed: 5
We've placed all of the dice in our first rack.
Our rack is refilled automatically and we may place our next die in any open side square (white).
We still don't have any chains...

Walkthrough 04

Dice placed: 6
Our first chain!
By placing the six next to another six we have created a chain.
The score of a chain is: number * length * areas^2.
This chain has a length of two and touches two areas (middle and right).
Its value is therefore: 6 * 2 * 4 = 48.

Walkthrough 05

Dice placed: 7
Oh no!
By placing two 1s next to each other we render both of them useless.
Remember that 1s like to be by themselves.

Walkthrough 06

Dice placed: 23
We're almost done filling the side squares.
We now have three chains. If we make any more chains, only our three best will be counted (hence the name "Triplechain").
Our highest scoring chain is always red, second highest blue, and third highest green.

Walkthrough 07

Dice placed: 24
After filling the final side square the corner squares become available.

Walkthrough 08

Dice placed: 32
A few moves later: we have our first pair of twos (in gold).

Walkthrough 09

Dice placed: 40
All of the corner squares are filled.
In round nine we will fill the middle squares.

Walkthrough 10

Dice placed: 41
Not there!
Our previous pair of 2s is ruined by placing another 2 next to it.
Remember that 2s like to stay in pairs.
(Now would be a good time to try out that "Undo!" button).

Walkthrough 11

Dice placed: 45
Looks like we decided not to undo our mistake.
When we fill the last middle square the game ends and our score is saved.

Walkthrough 12

Now it's your turn! Good Luck!